Sunday, October 15, 2006

References summary

1. Wiki encyclopedia. 2006, Color Psychology, Retrieved Oct. 8, 2006, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia <>

Summary: Color psychology is a field of analyzing the effect of color on human behavior and feeling

2. Lin Yu Ju, 2006, The Study of the Psychological Characteristics, Brand Experience on Brand Relationships: A Case of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Retrieved from Electronic Theses and Dissertations System<>

Summary: How consumers’ psychological characteristics is affected by products.

3. Zhang Qiang, Chen Yuren, Pan Xiaodong, 2005, The Application of Color Psychology in the Road Traffic Safety, From Wan Fang Data (CHINAINFO)<>

Summary: Color acts on human’s mentality, and it can give us different mental experiences

4. Zhao Li Zhen, 2001, Relationship between color preference and psychological and physiological health, From WAN FANG DATA<>

Summary: Discussion the relationship between physical and mental health and color. The consequence shows that the selection of colors correlates to human’s physical and mental health, and it makes some difference according to age and gender.

5. Xu Cai Guo, 2002, The Research on Psychology in Packing, Sculpting and Color of Commodities, From VIP Information,<>

Summary: A product which can stand on the market steadily needs not only good commodity packaging but also exquisite and suitable shape-designing and color-choosing.


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This is just to remind you that your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography of your references. You're half way there. Please make the necessary updates/changes before I start grading your work.

one sentence summaries do not reflect good annotatios on your references

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i meant 'reflect good annotations'

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